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Así protegen a las mascotas en Wuhan para evitar contagios

Aunque muchos animales fueron abandonados por el brote de Coronavirus, hay adueños de mascotas que protegen a sus amados peluos en Wuhan para evitar contagios. Algunas fotos se han hecho virales, luego de que vercomo los protegen a perros y gatos con hules, tapabocas, pequeñas batas, gorros y otro tipo de objetos. Un gran aplauso para estas personas que también piensan en sus mascotas.

Aquí algunas ingeniosas fotos:

The images have started a discussion on Twitter-like Weibo and many netizens have shared pictures of their pets' outfits

One netizen replied 'who doesn't have' before showing a picture of her dog donning a headgear thought to be made of a sock. While her picture amused many, it also drew criticism that the headpiece could make it hard for the dog to breathe

Netizen 'ZEZOEYZE' showed her cat wearing a mask 'hand-sewn by my mother'

One Chinese netizen sent in a picture to show a temporary mask made by her mother for their dog using a paper cup and a piece of string

While another dog owner stuffed a mask inside their pooches' muzzle as a way of protection

Another pet dog was given a face mask by its owner

Pet owners have scrambled to safeguard their companions out of fear that they could be infected by the new coronavirus