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Cora, la perrita discapacitada con orejas rosa que derrite internet

Una adorable perrita que le fueron amputadas sus patas delanteras, luego de un accidente de tránsito ha sido calificada por su dueño como un dulce “milagro”. Cora, sobrevivió a un accidente automovilístico que le destrozó las patas, la pelvis y las caderas.

The sweet pooch would melt anyone's heart as she looks up to the camera with her big eyes
Su dueño es Zach Skow, de 40 años, quien vive California. El hombre dice que Cora es una mezcla de caniche de siete años, es “una fuente de luz muy brillante” que mejora su día y hace que “todo sea mejor”.
The pink-eared pooch is glammed up with hair accessories
Cora fue rescatada por una fundación sin fines de lucro liderada por Marley’s Mutts. La perrita llegó a excelentes manos, donde su humano ha hecho todo porque sea un animal feliz y lleno de amor.
Owner Zach Skow, 40, says Cora, a seven-year-old poodle mix, is 'a bright shining source of light' who brightens up his day and makes 'everything better'. Pictured together in California

Así mismo, Zach agrega que todo para ella ha sido un gran logro, como el hecho de que la perrita de orejas rosas, ya se adaptó a su condición para llevar su vida normal, como cualquier otro perro. Puede correr y sentarse sobre sus patas traseras. Una preciosura hecha perro.


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I’ve been experiencing some debilitating back pain and relentless insomnia—a cycle I’ve been stuck in many years since having surgery. Work has been full throttle, 7 days a week, with no real chance to catch up and breath. Some days, I feel hopeless and just want to collapse and feel sorry for myself, but the combination of Cora Rose and Shiloh always find a way to stifle that emotion. Feeling sorry for myself accomplishes nothing, but acknowledging what I have in life—all the things I have instead of don’t have—helps ease my mind. For Cora, everyday is the best day ever—same for Shiloh. I feel lucky to have them as role models in my life! Today, Shiloh’s focus is repeating the words “Avery” (the name of our pit bull) and “happy”. Not a day goes by without marveling at what Heather and I have been able to build in this life; from our pack, to our daughter, to our home.

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The founder of non-profit animal rescue Marley's Mutts rescued Cora (pictured) from an animal shelter and the pair now live together in sunny Tehachapi, CaliforniaDespite having both her front legs amputated after the car accident Zach says she lives every day 'as though it were her last' (pictured running)A soaking wet Cora is pictured looking delighted in the shower. Her usually fluffy exterior has been flattened by the waterCora is pictured with sweet pink-coloured ears as she enjoys a cuddle in Zach's armsCora leaps in the grass with mountains in the backgroundDon't stop me now! Pictures of the adorable pooch show her running around with other dogs in both sun and snow on her two remaining back legs

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Virus day? Nah, SNOW DAY!!! ❄️🐶💜

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