Dog Says “Hello” To Potential Adopter 😍​

El refugio se encuentra actualmente en la búsqueda de adoptantes que estén dispuestos a llevarse a Krew.

Some homeless dogs will do almost anything to catch the attention of potential adopters … from barking and crying to tapping the cage or even smiling. An older dog from Phoenix, Arizona is receiving a lot of attention because he has been caught on video saying ‘hello’ to shelter visitors.

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His name is Krew and he is eight years old. The talented dog has been held at the animal shelter of Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) since March. The volunteers report that he has a friendly disposition and that he is “very affectionate”, reports WFLA News.

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This sweet dog, who is not so young anymore, needs a new home and a family to give his love to, and probably to say hello to every morning. The shelter is currently in search of adopters who are willing to take Krew, for a minimum adoption fee.

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Krew, who is one of the more than 500 dogs that are currently in the MCACC shelter system at this time, really needs a helping hand. We invite you to share this news and help this friendly dog find the loving home he deserves.

homeless senior dog says hello

Fuente: Pet Rescue Report  

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