He Returned To Rescue His Dog From The Volcano In Guatemala

In the middle of the tragedy that today lives in Guatemala, the stories that comfort our soul appear, in the case of Ignacio López Benítez who returned in what was his home to recover some belongings but above all, rescue his little dog Brava.

“I lost everything, my family is alive thanks to God, they are burned but alive, I rescue some clothing, and the rest God will take care of that, and my dog who is my whole soul,” said Ignacio while carrying in his arms to his beloved pet.

Mr. Ignacio expresses that his heart was filled with emotion when he found his faithful companion alive, who also seems excited to see his owner again.

As if it were a newborn baby, the pet is covered in dust when it is moving along a path covered in volcanic ash.

In the middle of the tragedy, the rescue organisms save other pets. We hope everyone will reunite their families.