Loyal friend! Dog Protects His Owner On The Street

Dogs are the best friends in the world. This was demonstrated by this adorable puppy that desperately cares for his human. The dog did not separate a minute from its owner

This man was lying in the middle of the street, so he caught the attention of the community and the police.

When the police arrived at the place he noticed that it was not an accident or crime, but that apparently the man was in a state of drunkenness.

The best thing is that he has a guardian angel, this little dog did not allow anyone to touch his human, even if it was the Colombian police, who tried to find out if he was injured.

Fortunately the man wakes up and manages to go home with his dog friend.

The hairy one gave him kisses to try to wake him up, while avoiding that they touched his human. This is pure love, doggy love!

Dog protecting his owner from danger. Licenses :

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