🤬 Outrageous! Dog Was Forced To Walk While Tied To The Car 📹

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A dog was dragged by a car that was tied by the leash in the city of Puebla, Mexico. In the video, recorded from another vehicle by someone asking the owner to put him in the car. The animal ends up so tired that he barely has the strength to keep running and is almost hit by one of the wheels.

First part📹

The images were published this Saturday by Miguel Ángel Soto in his Facebook profile to denounce the facts. “It is a pity that there are still people who continue to do this,” he wrote in the publication.

 Although at first the owners refuse to put the dog in the car, after the insistence, they decide to introduce the animal, although the latter is reluctant to enter.

Second part 📹

The video accumulates thousands of visualizations in social networks.

The police are following the case with the provided video proofs. The driver was a lady and the mother of the person who took the dog out of the car. They were forced to stop the car by the author of the video.

Envía la foto o video de tu mascota!