📹 BREAKING: Pet owner ‘walks’ her puppy by forcefully dragging it along a road 🤬

This is the moment when a cruel woman lifts her puppy in mid-air by a leash and drags it along a road in southwest China. The pet owner was stopped by a woman as she was spotted flinging the small pooch in the air in Sichuan Province. The puppy, said to have been bought from the woman, was taken to a veterinary clinic for checkups and believed to be safe.


The lady was seen allegedly hurting the small dog as she forced the pup to walk on the street of Jiangyou city. Having noticed that the puppy appeared reluctant to walk, she pulled the harness, lifted the pup and mercilessly swung it forward.
The puppy failed to stand up but curled its body on the ground.

El dueño de la mascota se aleja cuando ella es confrontada por un transeúnte de abuso animal

El perro se levanta de nuevo antes de que pueda poner un pie en el suelo
A lady is seen brutally walking her dog as she swings a puppy in mid-air on streets of China .

It was not clear how long had the woman been walking her puppy. Another woman went up and accused the lady of the alleged animal abuse, but, the woman responded that ‘it’s her own business’.

La mujer le gritó al transeúnte y le dijo que no le importaba el negocio
She repeatedly flings the harness forward and puts the puppy down

Se ve a una mujer caminando en el aire en las calles de China

El transeúnte le compró el perro a la mujer y lo llevó a un veterinario