Workers In India Build A Street Over A Sleeping Dog

Workers in India have sparked fury right after building a road over a sleeping dog. The dog passed away in agony after burning tar was poured over it during work on a road surface near the Taj Mahal.  Activists say the animal was asleep and, rather than being chased off, was buried alive before being flattened by a roller.

The crew then left the half-buried dog on the road before shocked commuters spotted it on the morning of June 13 – still clinging to life with its hind legs trapped in the freshly-laid tar. Local resident Virendra Singh said: ‘animal’s legs were buried under the tar and it was writhing in agony.

The construction workers refused to break the road to remove it. The dog passed away after.’
Groups of local residents and animal rights activists gathered at the site of the incident and staged a demonstration against the Public Works Department, which is fully responsible for the road work.

But Public Works Department officials blamed a private firm to whom the work had been outsourced. Furious protesters seized the construction vehicles and halted work forcing a senior representative of the firm to come to the spot of this incident.
He expressed regret and disappointment over this inhumane act and brought in a digger to remove the dog’s carcass.

The station house officer of Sadar police station, told that this case had been registered against the firm which was carrying out the repair work.

What is wrong with humanity?